A Journey to the Top: The Sanctuary of Sant Salvador

The Spanish island of Mallorca is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, and hence, this lovely island is well known for its magnificent beaches, crystal-clear oceans, and diverse cultural history. But the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador, a singular and fascinating place of prayer, is tucked away from the tourist crowds. This blog post will dive into this treasure and reveal its fascinating past, gorgeous architecture, and spiritual importance.

At the highest point of the Serra de Llevant, 509 meters above sea level, close to the town of Felanitx, the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador is situated in the southeast of Mallorca. One of the most breathtaking inland views on Mallorca may be found at the hermitage Sanctuary of Sant Salvador. The sights are beautiful at every turn.

The History

This historic location welcomes thousands of tourists every year and serves as both a popular tourist destination and a house of worship. The sanctuary has a long history that began in the 13th century, when King James I of Aragon constructed a chapel there. The chapel was enlarged and updated over the years, resulting in the majestic structure that exists today.

It is conceivable that the monks were safe here when the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador was constructed in 1348, the year of the Black Death. After the monastery of Lluc, the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador is a mystical location and one of the most significant pilgrimage places on the island. It continues to be a well-liked location for prayer.

Architecture of the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador

The structure itself is still a fortress, but inside are beautiful statues and monuments. With ostentatious columns, a detailed cave nativity scene, and a meticulously carved stone altarpiece, the church is an odd mixture.

One of the most stunning and well-preserved structures on the island, the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador is a prime example of Gothic design. The shrine is decorated with beautiful sculptures and carvings, many of which feature the Holy Virgin. Massive columns that support the sanctuary’s central nave offer an amazing place ideal for calm contemplation and meditation.

The Sanctuary of Sant Salvador is home to two large landmarks: a 14-meter-tall stone cross and a 35-meter-tall column with a statue of Christ extending his right hand in blessing on top. You can see the Castell de Santueri, a 14th-century rock castle constructed into the rocks, from the figure of Christ. You can spend the night in a cell at the Petit Hotel Hostatgera Sant Salvador to get the complete experience.

Spiritual Importance of Sant Salvador

The Sanctuary of Sant Salvador is renowned for its spiritual significance in addition to its gorgeous architecture. Both locals and visitors have long made their way to this holy location to pay their respects to the Virgin Mary and ask for her favors. Visitors can ascend the lengthy stairway to the sanctuary by foot and take in breath-taking panoramas of the surroundings.

The Sanctuary of Sant Salvador is well-known for its distinctive location in addition to its spiritual value. The refuge, which is perched atop a hill, provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and the ocean. The grounds offer visitors the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll while taking in the genuinely stunning panoramas.

Why Families Should Visit

There are a variety of reasons to visit this landmark keeping mind that the church is open daily from 7 a.m. to 20 p.m. On Sundays, Mass is held at 18.00.

  • Beautiful scenery: The refuge is perched above a hill and provides sweeping views of the countryside below, which kids may find charming and lovely. However, always keep an eye on your children no matter where they are.
  • Historical significance: As a significant religious site with a lengthy history, the sanctuary may intrigue kids and help them feel more connected to the past.
  • Outdoor activities: Because the sanctuary is surrounded by lush, green countryside, children may enjoy outdoor activities in the area such as picnics. There are several picnic benches spread out across the area, especially at the top allowing for great picnics, while enjoy the scenery.
  • Cultural encounters: Visiting the sanctuary provides an opportunity to learn about Mallorca’s native culture and traditions, which may be both instructive and pleasant for children.
  • Adventure: Albeit similiar to outdoor activities, children may regard the hike to the refuge as an adventure and an exciting task. You can hike from the foot of the sanctuary to the top. It is quite a way and you’ll need good hiking gear, plenty of fluids and the such.

Those are but a few reasons to visit the sanctuary. One fun little tip that you may not know, that kids may enjoy is going inside the church (when there is no service), and putting in a coin at the right hand side of the church and watch what happens.

You’ll also find a cafe with snacks and drinks at the top, where you can have a seat and enjoy the sun and view while relaxing and refreshing.

The road up to the sanctuary is good, but steep as well as long and winding. Especially during the peak summer season there will be traffic going up and down here, including road cyclists (experienced cyclists usually take on the summit challenge.) as this is a popular route to climb. Hence, be careful driving. There are several parking spots once you reach the peak, however this too can get busy during summer months. If arriving by car, take the PM-4010 road, then the PMV-4011.

In Closing

In summary, the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador in Mallorca is a well-worth-a-visit hidden jewel. This ancient location will leave you feeling inspired and encouraged, whether you are a spiritual seeker or simply a fan of lovely architecture. The Sanctuary of Sant Salvador should thus be on your agenda the next time you travel to Mallorca so you can see this unusual and intriguing site of worship for yourself.

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