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We all have come across those moments where we as parents ponder what to do or where to go with our children? Maybe it’s raining outside, maybe you’ve visited a majority of the things you know or have been recommended, or all the searching online just doesn’t work.

That is where myKiids comes in.

Find the right places to go and things to do, the experiences and services for your child, without wasting time on preparations, so that you can enjoy the time with your family.



A complete overview of all your myKiids activity from notifications, to settings, customizations, messages and orders.



Submit reviews for places, upload photos, bookmark your favorites for quick and easy access, send messages, comment and reply on articles, and much more.


Community Only

While a majority of myKiids is free, we have specific bonus materials available for community members only – including discounts, materials to print out, and additional member-only features.

More time for the important things.

Enjoy the Time

Parents have busy lives, whether at home or at work, so let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can relax with your children in the coolest and most beautiful places.

Cool Ideas

We offer a variety of ideas on our platform, for all ages, and for everyone in the family. Whether an excursion or a workshop, an event, or a restaurant. We got you covered.

Be Spontaneous

No need to browse endless websites, forums, blogs, and groups. Whether on your PC or mobile phone, myKiids has it in one place and allows you to have fun without hours of planning and preparation.

What are you waiting for?

myKiids is for those who want to discover and experience life with their kids!



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