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Ready for an adventure? Want to discover something new? Need a suggestion on what to do?myKiids is the essential family platform to discover places, experiences, book courses and attend events – curated and hand-picked by a community of parents, experts and local insiders.

Our Story

It All Started During Pregnancy

We first began tinkering with the idea of a “platform for parents” during our first pregnancy. A site that mapped out cool places and things to do. And yes, while there were great blogs, social media groups, general parenting sites and apps, it all seemed like information overload.

So a few months down the road, after our first child was born, we began building the first iteration of this site (primarily as an Android app with a web interface), and due to other obligations at the time, put it all on hold.

It wasn’t until we moved to Valencia, Spain that we rebooted the idea as we saw our own need for a family platform with a reliable source of information to explore cool places and everyday spots for families – things that you could pull up on the fly. Places and ideas that parents we guess need and would love to have – like playgrounds and child-friendly restaurants, day care to sports clubs.

And so the idea of myKiids was born. 

That is what this is. Our vision of a family-focused all-encompassing platform (and soon-to-be app) that gives you insider information around everything kids. Because you see, most tips about and for kids are word of mouth, so our founder Hermann figured why not consolidate all that information for parents in a single platform.

We hope you are inspired by the idea and want to join in on the journey in helping us build the world’s coolest family-oriented platform and community to find amazing places – from playgrounds to cafés, museums to amusement parks. Everything that makes a child’s heart, whether big or small, pound with excitement and joy, all the while making it easier for other parents to discover what you may have already found.

Mission Statement

Help families experience amazing moments.

myKiids is a growing community of parents and families, and we aim to become the most comprehensive resource for unique experiences. By connecting parents and kids with amazing things to do, we aim to take the questions most parents ask themselves off their shoulders, like – “What should we do today?” or “Where can my child play …?”.

Join in!


Our Values

Embrace the world.

We are resilient, adaptable, and open to our ever-changing world. We bring positivity and gratitude, especially when things are hard. We embrace people of all backgrounds, abilities, identities, genders, orientations and beliefs. We know when to ask our friends for help. Likewise, we are creative and resourceful.

Make it happen with purposeful urgency.

We take action with the urgency that our mission deserves. We focus on learning faster so that we can invest in the most important things. We achieve more with less by creating systems at the right scale. We are intentional about when we move fast and when we are more considered. We accept responsibility and prioritise to make decisions fast and commit to them. In the end, we get it done.

Grow relentlessly.

We value intuition and creativity. We encourage self-expression, candour and clear communication. We are building a global company with a visible and sustainable impact on the world. We have unreasonable ambitions – for ourselves and our company. We think really big.

Build community.

We optimize for the good of our community and our many interconnected ecosystems. We intentionally create an environment of trust and respect. We elevate and protect diversity as a strength. We do more, faster, when we have each other’s backs and support each other. We act collectively, we win as a team, and we celebrate our failures and successes.

Leave it better.

We are passionate about our mission to get kids and families to experience amazing moments. We believe in the power of love to inspire action. We believe that humanity at scale can have a positive impact on the earth. We know feedback drives growth and we constantly seek, give and receive it.



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