About myKiids

The essential companion to discover awesome stays and experiences, hand-picked by a global community of parents and local insiders.

myKiids is a platform for families that provides insights and connections to the cities they live in, travel, or plan to move to. The ability to connect and be inspired to go beyond one’s cultural boundaries and experience what makes a place, its people, and culture – extraordinary, remarkable, and meaningful. All while keeping the focus on the kids.

Cool places for families and kids. All Curated. No BS. Pinky swear.

All places are curated first hand through parents who have taken the time to share awesome places on myKiids – from hikes to playgrounds, places to eat to places to stay.

While our major focus is currently Düsseldorf & Valencia – we welcome anyone and everyone from any town, municipality, or city to get involved and map out places.

About us

“I’ve always wanted a 360-degree platform for parents. Some app, platform, site, where you could find things to do, places to see, activities and itineraries, blog posts, and more, all in one spot.” (H. Kratochwill)

We first began tinkering with the idea of a “platform for parents” during our first pregnancy. A site that mapped out cool places. And yes, there are some great blogs, Facebook groups, websites, and apps, however, we wanted something slightly different. Less information overload and unreliable information, and more insight into family-friendly things like restaurants and hikes. Most tips are by word of mouth – so why not consolidate all that information for parents in a simple platform versus groups and chats and messages and blog posts?

So a few months down the road, after our first child was born, we began building the first iteration of this site (primarily as an Android app with a web interface), and due to other obligations at the time, my wife and I had to put it all on hold.

It wasn’t until we moved to Valencia that we rebooted the idea as we saw our own need for a cool platform with a reliable source of information to explore cool places and everyday spots for families – things that you could pull up on the fly. Places and ideas that parents we guess need and would love to have – like playgrounds and child-friendly restaurants.

That is what this is. Our vision of a family-focused all-encompassing platform (and soon-to-be app) that gives you insider information around everything related to families.

There is still a lot of work to be done, however, it is coming along. Forgive us for technical errors and the such. myKiids is a side-project which we pour a lot of free time into. We envision it to become a parents’ go-to platform for activities, tips, things to do, places to see, experiences to live out and much more.

We hope you are inspired by the idea and want to join in on the journey in helping us build the world’s coolest family-oriented platform and community to find amazing places – from playgrounds to cafés, museums to amusement parks. Everything that makes a child’s heart, whether big or small, pound with excitement and joy, all the while making it easier for other parents to discover what you may have already found.



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