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Public & Governmental Agencies

Are you a family-friendly town, city, municipality, or community? Why not present your city, such as playground locations, libraries, and other public services for families on myKiids? Present your information in a clear, citizen-friendly way, completely free. This will help parents quickly find the right playground and family-related service quickly and at any time.

Partner With Us

We are building an amazing platform for parents and families to connect with your city! Join in, free!

One of our goals is to map out public facilities and fun things to do for families across towns and cities, including playgrounds, skate parks, calisthenics parks, sports fields, and more so that parents have an easy way of finding things to do with their children. 

We need your help, so if you are responsible for your cities/town playground and outdoor recreational areas, reach out to us and partner with myKiids to help connect your local community online.

Why Partner?

Your Advantages

- You provide information about your cities things to do (playgrounds, libraries, etc.) via myKiids, free.

- You integrate a digital playground map on your own website, if desired.

- Likewise, you receive parent feedback on your playgrounds and places.

- There are no costs - neither for you nor for the parents.

Getting started

- You register for free on myKiids.

- You fill in the profile page of your user account and add contact details, links, profile picture ...

- You enter your things to do (playgrounds, libraries, etc.) or only a selection of them.

- You update your listings' information at any time with a few clicks.

Manage everything on one platform.

mykiids allows you to present your city or town and all public related activities on one platform. We would love to partner with you and help you present your town digitally.

You are responsible for public playgrounds and/or outdoor activities (facilities) in your city or town.

You are involved (on a volunteer basis) in an initiative or a project regarding a playground or outdoor activity (area for children).

Register on absolutely free. Fill out your mykiids profile along with your details.

Easily insert all the playgrounds and public areas of activity utilizing our simple digital form.

Families and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate your online initiative in making your towns/cities places digitally accessible.

You receive authentic ratings and feedback on each individual place.

You can create a conversation with users and find out what people like and dislike.

Utilize existing technology without having to reinvent the wheel – best of all, it’s easy and free.​

We would love to help you

For any inquiries please email us.



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