The Re-Read Store

Imagine a location where the scent of well-loved books fills the air, shelves are brimming with literary treasures, and your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief. Welcome to the Re-Read Store, a paradise for book lovers on a tight budget. We’ll take you on a tour around the world of the Re-Read Store in this blog post, sharing personal experiences, highlighting fantastic deals, and demonstrating the delight of giving pre-loved books a second life.

A Second Home for Well-Loved Books

The aim behind every Re-Read Store is to give books a second chance to captivate readers. These establishments are more than simply bookstores; they are havens where the pages tell their own stories and every spine carries the promise of a new journey.

Whether you’re a student looking for cheap textbooks or a voracious reader looking for your next literary getaway, the Re-Read Store is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. Classics, bestsellers, and hidden gems may all be found here at a fraction of the price of new books. There are also numerous children’s books, often in a variety of languages, primarily Spanish, German, French, and Catalan. Nonetheless a great opportunity to fascinate your children for books, if they are not already fans, without breaking the bank, and as a lovely alternative to your local library.

The Unbelievable Savings

One of the most appealing parts of the Re-Read Store is the incredible savings available. To put things into perspective:

Most books cost somewhere between 2-5 Euros, regardless of the book type. The more you purchase the cheaper it gets as well. While conventional book stores will want full price for books, which is fine if you are looking for something specific and a place like re-read does not have it, books here have only been read once, or twice, or a hundred times. The staff however do ensure that the books are in overall good condition.

If you are looking to sell your books, Re-read will also purchase them at €0.25 cents per book. They do not purchase encyclopedias, magazines, old antiques, or scripts. Simply head to one of the two Re-Reads located in Palma de Mallorca, either on La Rambla or on Carrer del 31 de Desembre.

A Community of Book Lovers

The sense of community fostered by the Re-Read Store is one of the most pleasant components of the experience. It’s more than just a location to buy books; it’s also a place to share your love of reading with others.

The concept of Re-Read Stores is not limited to a single country or region; it is a global phenomena. These establishments have found a home in communities all across the world, from big cities to little towns.

So, if you are looking to get rid of a few old books or want to purchase a few “new” reads, then consider Re-Read as an option to visit next time you are in Palma de Mallorca.



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