What is the festival of Saint Anthony and the Devil

Around January 17, which is Saint Anthony the Abbot’s feast day, a customary Catalan celebration known as the Sant Antoni y el Dimoni festival is held. The event is mostly observed in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, while it is also observed in other regions of Spain and nations with a significant Catalan influence. Large bonfires, pyrotechnics, parades, and the participation of gigantic figures known as “demons” or “taurons” are all hallmarks of the festival.

The event is cherished in the Balearic Islands and is regarded as a significant aspect of the community’s culture. The towns of Pollença and Alcdia hold some of the most magnificent parades and bonfires on the island of Mallorca. The festival is a significant aspect of Balearic culture since it allows the local communities to come together to commemorate their history and traditions.

The procession, which is usually held in the evening and features enormous demon figurines constructed of papier-mâché and wood that are carried by participants, is the festival’s primary event. At the conclusion of the parade, the figurines are frequently decorated with fireworks and set ablaze. The parade is a vibrant and energetic event that is accompanied by music and dancing. Local organizations that construct and transport the massive demon figures, such as neighborhood associations or cultural groups, are typically the parade’s participants. Locals and visitors who come to the festival to watch the parade and take part in the bonfires, fireworks, and other events also participate.

In several cities and villages all throughout the Balearic Islands, bonfires are lit as part of the event, which is also quite important. Around the bonfires, people congregate to create traditional foods, sing songs, and dance. Children are always drawn to the fire because they enjoy feeling the heat and watching the firefly sparks. Fireworks are also launched, enhancing the joyful atmosphere. Children always find the music and flash of fireworks interesting, and it’s a wonderful chance for them to try something new and unusual.

Children will find the participation of huge figures known as “demons” or “taurons” to be another intriguing component of the celebration. These figurines are created in a variety of sizes and shapes and frequently painted with vibrant colors. These characters captivate kids, who enjoy seeing them in the procession. It is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about the cultural and historical significance of the event, and they are typically eager to see the many designs and features of the demons and taurons.

Sant Antoni I el Dimoni is celebrated every year, and it is a fascinating and entertaining way to learn about Balearic culture and tradition. Children can discover the significance of Saint Anthony the Abbot, the Balearic Islands’ patron saint of misplaced and stolen items, and how he is honored there. Additionally, they can discover more about the festival’s historical traditions, which include lighting bonfires, cooking traditional fare, and using fireworks.

Additionally, a lot of Balearic island towns and villages plan kid-friendly festival-related events. Workshops on how to manufacture traditional crafts, such the demon figurines or the bonfire decorations, face painting, storytelling, and games are a few examples of these activities. Children may learn about the festival through these engaging activities, and it can be a wonderful chance for them to meet new people and become involved in local events.

Overall, the Sant Antoni I el Dimoni festival is a wonderful chance for kids to do something different and thrilling. Children’s curiosity and imagination may be piqued by the vibrant parades, bonfires, pyrotechnics, and demon figures, among other things. Children have a wonderful opportunity to participate in traditional activities and customs while learning about the local history and culture during the festival. The event is also made much more intriguing and fun for kids by the numerous activities and workshops designed just for them. Children may have fun and learn new things at the Sant Antoni I el Dimoni festival, which is also a significant component of Balearic culture.

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