Water Playgrounds in Düsseldorf

While many playgrounds may have water-related activities, not all playgrounds are so-called “water playgrounds.” One must differentiate between Water Mud facilities, these are playgrounds with water pumps (of which 59 playgrounds in Düsseldorf contain such play areas) and some form of related activity such as canals, etc. and then there are actual Water Playgrounds – a total of 8.

Water playgrounds have a long-standing tradition in Düsseldorf and have existed throughout the city since the 1950s. Over the decades they have been continuously developed, updated, and expanded and the range of water play equipment such as spraying devices, water fountains, and other water elements have been integrated over the years.

What child does not love to play with water on a warm summer day? Running around in trunks or diapers and getting wet, discovering the various elements and being imaginative during their play.

We have consolidated all official water playgrounds in the city below.

Playground Volksgarten

The playground in Volksgarten is located fairly centrally within the park in the district of Oberbilk. It offers both traditional equipment like slides and swings, various climbing towers, and sandboxes, however, it also boasts a large water playground inviting children to splash under the sun and nicely designed palm trees. There is also a large red dragon, which occasionally sprays water out of its mouth and nostrils.

The large water play area offers a variety of things for kids to do, ranging from water pumps to bridges and locks, fountain hoppers, spray pumps, nozzles and more.

A great place to combine water play, a traditional playground, spacious green areas to picnic, and enjoy a couple of hours with the kids.

Playground Zoopark

The water playground at Zoopark is a smaller one, however, in combination with the water mud playground and the traditional playground next to that, this play area offers a variety of things to do for toddlers and younger children on warm days.

The playground can be reached via the entrance on Grunerstraße. The area was renovated in 2005 adding the water pumps and gullies with the fountain playground added in 2017. The circular water play area features spewing fountains with seating opportunities around it and is also a fun place with accessibility for children with reduced mobility. After playing here, children can go a few meters next to it and play in the water mud facility, which features a pump at the top of a semicircle, with various gullies and closures that lead down to the sandpit.

A fun place in a large park with a variety of water activities.

Playground Palace Eller

This water playground is unknown to many as an actual water playground, however, there are various gullies and an extensive channel system with water pumps and fountains that children can discover, by using sliders and barrages to influence the flow of the water. It all leads to the central area, where the focal point is the colorful stainless steel masts, from which water spews in various directions.

There are other playground-related activities such as sings and climbing possibilities, as well as a large green grass area to picnic and play ball or to stroll in the Palace park itself.

The only real downside here is the limited parking.

Playground Auf’m Rott

Auf’m Rott is a larger playground with numerous activities for younger and older children, including zip lines and climbing towers, slides and swings as well as a fun water play area that also includes an additional water mud area. The water playground is on top of a small hill-type landscape with a circular pump and pathways that allow the water to flow in a variety of directions. The course itself is designed in the form of a snail shell, over natural stones. There are also water jets that have been installed in various areas that spray like small fountains.

The structure, as mentioned previously, allows children to build dams, collect water in small weirs and divert water in various directions before reaching the sandpit.

The water playground was also constructed to be made barrier-free, hence parts of the playground, in our opinion, are also accessible barrier-free for children with reduced mobility including a small wooden bridge that leads over the course of the river created by the water pump.

A fun playground, with lots of space, activities, and nearby parking.

Tannenhofweg in Vennhausen

This playground was redesigned and renovated in May 2019 and offers a barrier-free play area for children of all ages. The focal point is large water splashing whale and jumping water fountains. The playground also includes a lighthouse and various other play areas including slides, a water mud play area, swings, and more. The theme of the city is “Playing on the Düsselstrand”, hence the theme of the playground, which also includes colorful marine graffiti.

A fun place to spend an hour or two, all year round, even when the weather isn’t exactly hot.

Old Bilk Cemetery

The water playground in the Sternwart park was originally designed for school children in the 1960s. The playground was redesigned and renovated in 2015 and offer a variety of water elements from water paths, to gorges creating puddles to splash through, spraying fountains resembling geysers and more. The playground is also great for sensory in younger children with various elements including archways, nozzles, allowing kids to send the water in different directions.

The playground is located centrally in the park which also has a smaller playground next to it, ideal for younger children up to age 3. And as it is located centrally, it allows for spacious green areas to allow blankets and picnic opportunities for families to sunbathe and enjoy a beautiful summer day while allowing kids to play and get wet.

Another important note for this water playground is that it too has barrier-free access for children with reduced mobility.

Park Elbroich

The playground in Elbroich park in Holthausen was renovated in 2001, and includes a water play area that features spray nozzles and water pumps. There is a larger water mud area in addition to the play area within the traditional playground that features swings and climbing equipment.

South Park / In front of the dike

This playground is available to a limited extent as it is being updated and renovated. The water playground is located directly behind the Franz-von-Sales-Kirche and can be reached directly via Siegburger- / Kölner Straße.

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