The Town of Capdepera

Capdepera is located in one of Mallorca’s most eastern regions, only 8 kilometers from Arta. This community is steeped in history and culture and the bulk of Mallorca visitors have yet to discover Capdepera. For history buffs, Capdepera still has a lot to offer. Currently, it is mostly a residential town with local Mallorcans residing in the town.

Capdepera was erected by King Jaume II in 1300 to safeguard inhabitants and maritime waterways from pirate raids. His order to build this fortress was unpopular with the villagers, but the reinforced walls helped them survive several conflicts. Since Capdepera municipality is the nearest point to the neighboring island of Menorca, watch towers and a fortification were required to defend the shore.

Several Bronze Age sites may be found in the area near Capdepera. Capdepera has extended to neighboring communities, with stones from the original defenses used to construct later dwellings. The greatest example is ‘Castell de Capdepera,’ a 14th century castle fortification. Where the Castle of Capdepera now stands, there was once a watchtower that guarded the coast. Capdepera remained inside its walls for generations. After the threat passed, inhabitants began to migrate to the bottom of the hill, which is today known as Capdepera. Hence, there are many nooks to discover in Capdepera when it comes to medieval structures and buildings and this castle is a must-see, albeit not being fully interactive, it gives a great view of the surrounding areas, and show the culture, tradition and history of the area. You can stroll around the walls of Capdepera Castle, which was converted from a medieval fortress to a walled city in following years, as mentioned above. There is also a modest medieval church from the 14th century on the castle grounds.

The path up to the castle is a good steep walk either via the roads or the stairs, so be prepared for a good walk.

The town square of Capdepera features a few restaurants and a variety of stores and local amenities for residents of the town. The popular tourist destination, Cala Rajada, connects to the town and offers a variety of supermarkets close towards the town of Capdepera.

There are also two public parking lots available if you are arriving by car.

Weekly Market in Capdepera

Every Wednesday, Capdepera celebrates its weekly trade gathering on Plaça Orient and the adjacent streets, where both residents and tourists may discover a wide variety of delicacies, traditional items from the island, plants, flowers, apparel, and footwear.


The largest playground in the area is located along the main road of Carrer Baltasar Coves. It features a variety of activities for younger children, as well as a basketball and football court.



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