The Palma Aquarium: A Fun and Educational Experience for Children

Palma Aquarium is a well-known tourist attraction, as well as a place for locals, in Palma de Mallorca. It first opened its doors in 2007 and has since been a popular destination for local families and tourists seeking a fun and informative experience.

It provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind and interactive learning and viewing experience of the Mediterranean’s (among others) varied marine life. It includes a variety of rare fish, sea turtles, and even a significant number of sharks in a massive tank that includes the ability for visitors to see the sharks from various angles. The large ocean tank (the deepest in Europe at 8.5 meters,), where visitors may go through a tunnel and watch marine life from all directions, is one of the highlights of the Palma Aquarium.

The aquarium allows visitors to discover the secrets of the undersea world as it has over 8,000 creatures from 500 different species in various tanks in all shapes and sizes. The Palma Aquarium accurately recreates the natural habitats and ecosystems of the seas and oceans with the goal of increasing understanding and love of the beauty of the underwater world and providing encouragement for contact between different species. The Palma Aquarium is intended to provide visitors with an aesthetically pleasing and participatory experience. It has a modern and colorful design with wide glass panels that allow visitors to see aquatic life from all sides. The exhibits are designed, as previously mentioned, to replicate the creatures’ natural habitats, giving a realistic and immersive experience. Touch tanks, educational exhibits, and interactive activities provide visitors of all ages with hands-on learning experiences. The aquarium’s design emphasizes its dedication to teaching and conservation while also providing visitors with a joyful and memorable experience.

Upon arrival to the aquarium, you’ll find two ticket counters, the online tickets, which enable visitors with prebooked tickets, such as the ones provided by our partner GetYourGuide, to quickly access the facilities, and the on-site purchasing which, especially during the summer and peak seasons can get quite long. Therefore we highly recommend you book in advance and get your ticket online. It’s quick and convenient.

The entrance area of the aquarium is fascinating and makes you feel as if you are entering an underwater world. The elements and design of the building itself shows natural elements and one can tell that a lot of planning and thought has gone into creating the overall visitor experience. You are greeted from the get go with amazing tanks and a variety of sea life. As you walk through the Palma Aquarium, you’ll notice the different sections in regard to the type of sea life found including species from the Mediterranean Sea, Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans.

The tanks are both educational and at times interactive. Each tank has digital screens displaying the types of fish or creatures seen, a variety of information. You can also scan a QR code to find out more. It is well thought out and interesting. Some tanks also pose fun questions for kids – such as “can you find the octopus?” These small little details keep children engaged. Many of the tanks, especially the larger ones feature large comfy pillows for children to sit on and enjoy the view, relaxing and watching the fish swim by.

Why children will love the aquarium?

As we have already mentioned, the variety of marine life on show at the Palma Aquarium is one of its key draws. Exotic fish, sharks, rays, turtles, and jellyfish can all be seen by children. Children can interact with interactive displays and in many sections of the aquarium you will find a variety of hands on elements, such as touch boards, sound buttons and much much more. This allows both children and adults to interact with marine species up close, making the experience even more unforgettable.

The themed areas are also different in style from each other including the Amazonian jungle, the Mediterranean Sea, and a section dedicated to whales – the gentle giants of the sea. Children can explore each region and learn about the various varieties of marine life that can be found there. They can also observe these various types of marine life in a variety of ways. Hence the environment and elements in those environments change giving a different ambience.

There is also a large garden area with several tanks that vary from sharks to koi fish. You will also find a large playground here, themed of course with a pirate and water world theme making it a great place for children to have fun and burn energy. This playground is outdoors and also features a water play area which is active during the warmer months of the year, and also boasts a bouncy castle among other things. Next to this is a cafe where you can grab a bit to eat, drinks or ice cream, and sit next to the playground while your children play. There is both indoor and outdoor seating spaces. This cafe is open all year round.

Another fascinating room, especially for younger toddlers and school children is the interactive drawing zone. In this room children can sit at a table and color a variety of marine life and then upon finishing it can scan it in at a scanning machine (very easy to do), and watch their drawing come to life on a large projector that displays all the drawings with movement under water.

On rainy days, parents and children alike will also enjoy the indoor themed aquatic play land area found downstairs which is an indoor playground that features a variety of climbing and sliding activities, while parents can sit at one of the many tables. There is also a small ball pit and play pen for younger babies and toddlers in the far back corner. Bathrooms are available here as well.

Two highlights at the Palma Aquarium

Two highlights of the aquarium are the IMAX style 3d theater as well as the shark tank boat. The aquarium itself is already incredibly interactive and offers a variety of elements to keep the entire family entertained, educated and excited about actually encountering sea life. However, that is not enough. The aquarium also offers a 3d show where one sits in a theater and watches a story about whales in absolutely realistic 3d manner. It feels as if these gentle giants of the sea are right there in front of you. It is an amazing experience for both parents and children.

The second thing to note is the shark boat. The large shark tank has a glass bottom boat that was built exclusively for the aquarium by local artisans. The boat allows families to glide over the large water tank and see the sharks and fish underneath ones feet. It is completely safe and a fun experience.

Both these activities do cost a surcharge, and understandably so. Hence, if you feel like you want to take on the entire offer of the aquarium, especially if you are a one time touristic visitor, then you may want to try these offers. You can opt for one or the other, or both combined.

In conclusion

Finally, the Palma Aquarium in Mallorca is a must-see for everyone interested in marine life and the water. The Palma Aquarium, with its vast collection of marine life, interactive displays and activities, and themed zones, provides a pleasant and instructive experience for visitors of all ages. There are two cafes (during the summer seasons), a large gift shop with high-quality merchandise, and a fantastic outdoor play area with a pirate ship, splash park, and bouncy castle.

The aquarium is located just outside of city of Palma de Mallorca within the Playa de Palma area, close to the airport. Buses 210, 15, and 25 run directly from the city center and stop right outside. If you are arriving by car, there is a large underground parking lot with a fee providing plenty of parking opportunities. Otherwise there is a very small parking area outdoor next to the aquariums entrance area, however, very limited and often full even during the off season. The aquarium is also roughly 7 minutes by car from the FAN shopping center, which provides a variety of eating, shopping and entertainment activities in the area.

All in all though the Palma aquarium is an amazing experience, whether on a hot day, or cold day, something for the whole family to enjoy and on average, depending on how long you stay within certain areas of the aquarium can span out to be a couple of hours – with an average stay time of roughly 3 hours. Therefore make sure to plan in some time should you decide to visit.

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