Snow Games To Play

For many parts of Europe it’s that time of year when the snow comes down and when it’s snowing outside, use it to play some entertaining games both indoors and outside with your children. What child doesn’t love the magic of snow? So, if it’s snowing in your neck of the woods, whether it’s a little dusting or a full-fledged blizzard, odds are your children are ready to play. Having some fun activities for kids to play while it snows outside is a terrific way to keep them busy and active both inside and outside. Here are a few fun snow games for your kids to enjoy, whether they’re bouncing off the walls on a snow day or just going outside for some winter-time fun.

Indoor Snow Games

While most kids want to go outside while it’s snowing, it’s not always practical, whether due to a lack of available supervision, severe weather, or anything else. When that happens, let your children have some fun away from their screens by playing some indoor snow games. You need to burn off that extra energy of just being indoors all day. So here are a few ideas on games you could play.

Indoor Snowball Fight

Indoor snowball fights are a fantastic way to have fun without getting smacked in the face with a wet, hard lump of snow. Make your own snowballs out of white socks (clean, of course), or buy some fake snowballs that seem real. After the fight, you can continue to use the snowballs for more leisurely games of catch without worrying about breaking any furniture. We know, this really depends on the environment of your home and things laying around. Be creative. If you feel socks are still to crazy, find something else. You would be amazed at what things you can purchase these days.

Snowman Relay

If you have a few children or family members, you can organize a snowman relay. Divide the children into two groups and arrange them on a starting line. A few meters away, gather all of the snowman necessities: scarf, hat, mittens, coat, boots, and a carrot nose. When the race begins, the first runners will sprint to their gear, put it all on, then sprint back to the next person on their team. They will then hand them the carrot and all of the equipment. The second person does the same in their place and races back to the other end of your race line where the marker is. The series will continue till one team wins! Say twice.


There are many alternatives to screen time including playing a family board game, card games, drawing together and coloring – perhaps something related to the weather outside. Be creative. As adults, we are only bound by our imagination. And children love activities. Instill creativity even on days where you may be snowed in or just don’t want to go outside and teach them about finding alternatives.

Outdoor Snow Games

If you have a toddler or a younger school aged child in the house, you might want to go with a gentler snow day activity than your typical snowball fight.

Build A Snowman

Now while building a giant life-sized snowman like Calvin and Hobbes, may not be the best for younger children, you can still build a smaller version of them if the snow is compact enough. Be creative. Build a family of snowmen or figurines that children find funny. Work together and patiently create a fun little snowman that will make them laugh and feel accomplished of helping create something.

Hat Toss

After having built your snowman, play hat toss. This will pass some time and will bring some fun for your little one. Get a hat and challenge your child to stand a few steps away and correctly toss the hat over their snowman’s head. First person to land it on the head of their snowman wins.

Egg Hunt

Toddlers and young children love looking for Easter eggs (or general hiding games) placed around the house or anywhere else outside, and our suggestion is a wintertime egg hunt. It will be just as fun, and needs just a little preparation. Make snowballs and use food coloring to color them. Then hide them and have your child go “egg hunting”. It is an activity for younger children that they will enjoy doing, both from prepping to actual searching and finding them. It’s also a great game to play with multiple kids.

Snow Games for Older Children

Do you remember playing outside in the snow as a child? (Considering you grew up somewhere with snow). Well snow games for older school children can range from a good snow ball fight to building an obstacle course. All children need are a few basic tools (or just their hands) and their imagination. For an obstacle course children can design the course and compete against their friends and you as parents to see who is faster. You can build ramps, barriers, and tunnels out of snow. Then they set up targets throughout the course for a snowball-throwing contest. Other course-stopping challenges could include transferring shovels of snow from one mound to another or building a snow angel. Be creative and imaginative.

You will be shocked at how much energy an obstacle course like this can drain from you — and how much fun your older children might have building and running it.

Aside from these, just have fun. There are so many things to do in the snow. Enjoy it while the weather lasts.


And once the fun is over, whether playing snow games inside or outside, it’s then time to gather the family around for some hot cocoa, fresh cookies, and maybe even some homemade snow cream — all of which may be snow day crafts in and of themselves!

Remember, for children it’s all about the experiences. And playing with them as parents will give them life long memories.

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