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These are the categories in which we classify playground equipment. We have broken down the elements into most commonly found pieces and classify them accordingly.

Activity Tower

Activity towers are an essential component of any modern playground. These towers are also known as multi play towers and combine various elements such as balancing, climbing, slides, monkey bars, nets, or other features.


Balancing is an essential skill children learn at an early age. There is a vast array of balance-related products on playgrounds, whether single items or together in fun circuits. Balancing items may include wobble bridges, horizontal stems, or zig zag tracks.

Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoops on playgrounds may either be within a court or singularly mounted on a wall or fence. Either way they offer a great way for older children to learn throwing skills.


All bridges, whether conencting to an activity tower, a net element or standalone will be classified as bridge. The elements vary from straight bridges to net-types to challenging swinging elements integrated into the bridge.


Categorized under carousel, you’ll find spinning equipment with seating. Most modern playgrounds however utilize spinners (see below).

Climbing Area

A well-designed climbing frame is an essential feature for any playground. We classify this category within playgrounds if they contain any form of netting for children to climb on – regardless of age, ability or level of challenge.

Climbing Spider

For the ultimate challenger, large climbing spiders (also known as space nets or pyramids) will never fail to get a child’s excitement racing. Rising to various heights, these structures offer a fantastic vantage point from the summit, and a great sense of achievement when reaching the top.

Climbing Wall

Many modern-day playgrounds have some sort of climbing wall integrated, whether a short one to reach a slide or a proper wall (bouldering) with grips and sometimes colored routes.


Fun sand related item that allows children to play with more than just a shovel and bucket. We classify any related sand equipment in this category.


Hammocks are becoming popular within modern day playgrounds. Often connecting to a climbing spider or activity tower, these swing type elements allow for one or multiple people to utilize.

Horizontal Bar

Hanging, spinning, and even pull-ups. The horizontal bar is a classic at many playgrounds for children to utilize in imaginative ways. Anything that contains this element is classified as such.


Playhouses are especially fun for younger toddlers. Primarily within sandpits, these houses allow for creativity and imagination.

Sand Area

Sand areas are perfectly suited for younger children to let their imaginations wander. Traditional sandpits can be complemented by sand cranes (excavators or diggers) and water towers (see water area below).


Like springers, the faithful seesaw has remained a popular item of equipment for all ages. The Seesaw is a larger-sized playground seesaw. Its seats allow children to face in either direction or sit back to back. Great fun for all.


The sweeping motion a slide provides never fails to excite children of all ages. Whether it be for the youngest taking their first steps to a play area, or those approaching teen years looking for an adventurous thrill, slides come in all shapes and sizes.

Slide - Tube

While normal slides (including toddler, embankment, metal, plastic, etc) are categorized into slides, we decided to categorize tube slides into its own category as these types of slides are typically longer, higher, or curlier.

Soccer Goals

Movement and playing ball can be fun in a variety of forms. We classify playgrounds with soccer goals if they have at least one goal type – whether with a net or simply a three-sided bar.


Rocking and spinning equipment in playgrounds both help enhance a child’s balance, strength, and coordination, whilst having bags of fun at the same time! We classify anything that rocks or spins in this category.

Spring Riders

The spring rocker, or springy, dates back to the very early days of playground equipment yet remains as popular today with younger users as it ever was. Anything with such springs is classified into this category.


Swings – the timeless classic every playground simply must have! Need we say more?

Swing - Double

There are a variety of swings, hence we have created several categories as each type targets different usage and ages. Double swings are anything that are longer (like a ship) and allow two or more kids to sit and swing.

Swing - Disabled

Inclusive elements within playgrounds are vital. Many playgrounds will include swings for children with disabilities. These seat-type swings are amazing for kids

Swing - Nest

Fast proving itself as a playground essential is the nest swing (also called basket swing or birds nest). It now appears in many playgrounds. They have a large surface area allow for multiple children to swing on the platform together.

Swing - Tire

This category contains any swinging equipment that has any form of tire on its end. Ideal for children ages 3 and up depending on the setup

Swing - Toddler

Toddler swings are essential for children 2 and under. It allows young ones to experience the flow of a swing without worrying that they might fall off.

Table Tennis

Table tennis (also called ping pong tables) are found within many playgrounds as it is a simple activity that can be placed anywhere.


In this category you’ll find anything that allows children to bounce in a trampoline-like style.

Volleyball Net

Volleyball is a great sport for hand-eye coordination and movement. Large playgrounds will often feature an area for volleyball within a sand pit.

Water Play Area

Many playgrounds contain water elements, whether a pump with piping or a whole area/section with water sprouting out during warm summer months. Any element that contains water within a playground will be classified here.


Like swing sets, an aerial runway, flying fox or zipline, is fast becoming one of the most popular features at the play area. They often have queues of children lining up to play even years after their initial installation!



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