Mirador Es Colomer – The Perfect Spot for a Panoramic Mediterranean View

Mirador Es Colomer is a must-see attraction for any visitor to Mallorca’s lovely island. The viewpoint, located on the island’s northwest shore, provides stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding countryside.

The breathtaking panorama provided by Mirador Es Colomer is one of its greatest attractions. Visitors may see the huge length of the Mediterranean Sea as well as Mallorca’s jagged cliffs and coastline from the viewpoint. The viewpoint is most popular during sunset, when the sky turns a brilliant orange and scarlet, creating a very spectacular ambiance.

The Mirador Es Colomer, located near the tip of the Nao on the Formentor peninsula, is a must-see on the route leading to the lighthouse of Formentor. At the viewpoint, you are greeted by a memorial to Antonio Parietti Coll, the engineer who designed both the road and this viewpoint. The viewpoint, which is more than 200 meters high, provides amazing views over the Serra de Tramuntana and the Mediterranean. It is customary for large crowds to congregate here to view the stunning sunset over the sea, especially during the summer holiday season.

The viewpoint is also a favorite destination for photographers, as the unique combination of water and terrain provides enough opportunities for breathtaking photographs. Mirador Es Colomer is the ideal site to capture amazing memories, whether you are a professional photographer or simply love taking photos as a pastime. This fascinating landscape has also been immortalized countless times by painters from the Pollença school and many others who have visited this place since the end of the 19th century.

The viewpoint is easily reached by car, and there are several parking spaces, however as mentioned during the peak season it does get a bit tight in regard to parking. The side road off the main road, across from the snack and imbiss container is also often used for a short parking stop. Alternatively you can take the public bus, that goes up to this area from the bus stop of Pollença.

Hiking along one of the several trails that go up to the viewpoint is another option for visitors. The climb is reasonably straightforward, giving you time to appreciate the island’s natural splendor. Several hiking trails begin from here, including one to the Albercuix watchtower, which may also be seen from here.

The Albercuix watchtower, located 380 meters above sea level, is part of a network of fortified and armed towers built on the island between the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century in response to the rise of piracy in the Mediterranean, perpetrated by figures such as Barbarossa. If a danger was spotted from one of the watchtowers, signals were issued, either smoke during the day or fire at night, and were sent from one tower to another until reaching Palma, at the opposite end of the island, when part of the men gathered there might be deployed.

Overall, Mirador Es Colomer is a must-see for everyone traveling to Mallorca. Its beautiful vistas and simple accessibility make it ideal for a day trip or a romantic sunset picnic dinner. Mirador Es Colomer is the ideal destination for those interested in photography, nature, or simply relaxing and taking in the views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Consequently, Mirador Es Colomer is a Mallorcan hidden gem. It provides a wonderful panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding terrain, making it a great location for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. The viewpoint is easily accessible by car and trekking, and there are numerous restaurants and cafes nearby for a suitable pit stop. Not to mention an ideal setting for a romantic sunset meal. Mallorca is well-known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, but Mirador Es Colomer provides a more tranquil and serene aspect of the island that should not be overlooked.

Important to note: The government of the Balearic islands have changed certain regulations regarding the access road up and towards Formentor, hence, from June 23 to September 15, private car access to the Formentor Peninsula is restricted (dates valid for 2023). As a result, you must utilize one of the seven twelve-meter shuttle vehicles available to get there.

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