Mallorca Airport: Gateway to the Island

Based on the volume of travelers passing through it, Aeropuerto de Son San Juan on the sunny island of Mallorca is the third most visited airport in all of Spain. It lies eight kilometers from Palma de Mallorca, the island’s capital.

You’ll instantly understand that your journey has only just begun as you exit the plane and take in the warm air of Mallorca. We’ll look at the airport’s background, nearby points of interest, and fun things to do in this in-depth blog post to make sure your arrival and departure from Son San Juan are as memorable as the island itself.

A Look Back at History

Since the middle of the 20th century, Aeropuerto de Son San Juan has had a long and illustrious history. The airport was initially constructed in 1960 as a minor airfield serving domestic aircraft within Spain. The airport received various additions and upgrades throughout time as the number of tourists increased along with Mallorca’s appeal as a travel destination.

Today, Aeropuerto de Son San Juan is a large, effective international airport that welcomes travelers from all over the world. It is a monument to the island’s commitment to offering a seamless travel experience thanks to its cutting-edge amenities, modern style, and attention to sustainability.

Today, the airport can accommodate 38 million travelers annually. The airport is now running at roughly 28 million passengers (2022), comfortably operating below capacity. The airport at Son San Juan has a single terminal with four modules. The hundreds of check-in counters, the baggage claim area, and the departure and entry to Mallorca are all located in the main building. The majority of the area in the main structure is occupied by restaurants and businesses selling travel equipment.

The many areas within the airpot are devoted to various flight types.

Gate A: Only flights from non-EU nations are processed here. The module is typically closed in the winter since the majority of Mallorca Flights are only available during the summer.

Gate B: Only smaller planes are handled in this area.

Gate C: One of the largest zones at Mallorca Airport is Gate C. Here is where the majority of tourists from Europe arrive and depart the island.

Gate D: Originally, this gate solely dealt with internal Spanish flights. Due to the significant growth in air traffic in recent years and decades, low-cost carriers like Eurowings, Ryanair, and Easyjet are now being handled in this area.

Attractions Near Aeropuerto de Son San Juan

Palma de Mallorca: The bustling capital city of Mallorca is located not far from the airport. Discover the Old Town’s rich history, wander along the scenic waterfront, and be amazed by La Seu Cathedral’s stunning architecture. Enjoy mouthwatering regional food, explore world-class museums, and take in the vibrant ambiance of this multicultural city.

Playa de Palma: This is a must-visit location for everyone looking for sand, sun, and relaxation. This unspoiled beach, which is just a few kilometers from the airport, is miles long and offers crystal-clear waves, gentle golden sand, and a variety of beachside services. Everyone may find something to enjoy at Playa de Palma, whether they prefer sunbathing, water sports, or beachside restaurants.

Bellver Castle: This is a medieval treasure that highlights Mallorca’s rich history. It is perched atop a hill overlooking Palma. Discover the fascinating history of the castle as you tour the spherical fortification and take in the expansive views of the city. It’s the ideal location for history buffs and provides a distinctive viewpoint on Mallorca’s architectural past.

Things to Do at Aeropuerto de Son San Juan

The airport’s tourist infrastructure complies with all global standards. The departure areas alone have four duty-free stores. There are also ten clothing boutiques, a drugstore, several supermarkets, and a pharmacy, as well as smaller playgrounds situated through out each gate for children. Calling for assistance at least two days before departure or arrival will ensure that people with decreased mobility are appropriately taken care of. Passengers can use the internet in the airport via the Wi-Fi network throughout the airport. In the arrivals area, there are currency exchange offices.

However, travelers from non-Eurozone nations are the only ones who can use the currency exchange facility. Since Mallorca is a member of the Eurozone, tourists from Ireland or the majority of Europe do not need to exchange money. Gates C and D offer a wide range of gourmet options, although at a premium cost.

Here a short list:

Duty-Free Shopping: Like most airports, take advantage of Son San Juan’s fantastic duty-free shopping choices. Browse a large selection of local goods, electronics, cosmetics, and premium brands. The stores at the airport contain something for everyone’s tastes, whether you’re seeking for gifts for loved ones or souvenirs to take home.

Culinary Delights: Enjoy the wide variety of gastronomic treats available at the airport. There are many options to sate your appetite, from short eats at quaint cafés to leisurely meals at full-service restaurants. Sample international food, native Mallorcan specialties, or chill with a cool drink at one of the airport’s bars.

Relaxation Oasis: Aeropuerto de Son San Juan is aware of the need for rest after a long flight. In the designated relaxation areas of the airport, you can find comfortable chairs, a peaceful atmosphere, and even spa treatments. Before or after your flight, take some time to rest and recharge to ensure a stress-free journey.

Aviation Enthusiasts: Those who are aviation enthusiasts should not pass up the chance to visit the airport’s observation deck. From here, you may observe aircraft takeoff and landing, awe at the incredible equipment, and obtain a distinctive viewpoint on how an international airport operates. All ages of aviation fans will love the experience.

Pet Zone: The airport has pet facilities for pet owners who are traveling with their furry friends. These designated areas give your animal some space to move and relieve themselves.

Seamless Travel Tips and Services

You can use a car or a bus to get to your destination if you haven’t reserved a full package holiday that comes with a transfer to the hotel or place of stay. There are numerous businesses in the airport’s arrivals area. The airport is home to a branch office for every international vehicle rental company as well as several local ones.

You should reserve a rental car in advance during the busy (summer) season. The only way to guarantee that you will receive the kind of car of your choice on the day of arrival is to do this. Regular buses run every fifteen minutes between Palma de Mallorca’s airport and the city center. Take line 1 to reach the city’s center. The Playa de Palma is connected to the airport by bus route 21 in a number of locations. Numerous other bus lines run from the airport across the island.

Transportation Options: Son San Juan has a range of options for getting you where you need to go. There are plenty of taxis, auto rentals, and private transfers available. Additionally, there are bus services that run from the airport to various locations on the island, making it easy and economical to travel about Mallorca.

VIP Services: Aeropuerto de Son San Juan provides VIP services for customers looking for a more luxurious travel experience. Take advantage of expedited security clearance, priority check-in, and access to premium lounges with free amenities. These services provide another level of comfort and convenience, guaranteeing a smooth voyage from beginning to end.

Information and Assistance: The welcoming and multilingual employees at the airport are always available to help you. Do not be afraid to approach the information desks scattered throughout the airport if you have any queries about flights, need directions, or require any other assistance. They are there to make your journey as easy as they can.

Accessibility Services: Aeropuerto de Son San Juan is dedicated to offering accessible services to people with disabilities. The airport has amenities such as accessible restrooms, ramps, elevators, and allocated parking places for travelers with limited mobility. It is advised that you get in touch with your airline in advance to make the required arrangements if you need any special help.

In Closing

The Son San Juan Airport in Mallorca is considerably more than an ordinary airport. It serves as the entrance to an island paradise, providing a smooth travel experience, contemporary conveniences, and simple access to alluring attractions. The airport is a great place to start, whether you want to explore Palma de Mallorca’s historical charm, unwind on the island’s magnificent beaches, or get acquainted with its dynamic culture. So when you enter Son San Juan, take in Mallorca’s warmth and start your adventure.



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