Hiking Around Na Penyal

If you are looking for a great hiking area, one that is also doable for younger children (ages ca. 5+), then the area around the peak of Na Penyal (Puig de na Penyal) is a great area with several paths to do so.

You can begin from several areas depending on where you want to enter. Our suggested start, if you are arriving by car, is close to the Bella Vista Panoramic Tennis Courts (outside its privately owned parking space), you’ll find a few parking spaces along the street next to the Bella Vista. Alternatively, around the public school of CEIP Jaume Fornaris, i Taltavull in Son Servera, which leads up to Puig de sa Font and not Penyal, however the two are very well connected. Again, these are simply suggestions. We advise to check your maps provider and pick an area to begin from. If you want to solely do Penyal, then next to the Bella Vista is a great place.

The paths are a mix between forest fauna that provide shade, and open areas. Hence, be aware of the time of day you go, especially with younger children. And there is not just one path that leads to the top or around the area, you’ll come across many, which will allow you to return here again and again to discover new routes and new paths.

Albeit the peak of Na Penyal, not seeming all to high, it is circa 327 meters above sea level. The direct paths that lead up to the peak are clear, narrow and at times steep, however, slow and steady allows you to go directly up. Depending on how well your children are outdoors, they’ll be able to head up here as well, at times with a bit of help.

The area here consists of more than just hiking up the mountain. There are several paths around the area, towards Son Servera and the back part of Cala Millor that offer great routes for children. Depending on what type of hiking you would like to do (including length and difficulty), you’ll find many paths here, that in most instances will even allow for a stroller with solid wheels to go around the bottom paths of the area.

If you park at Bella Vista and walk along the main large road at the bottom of the mountain, with a view towards the top, you’ll end up walking past an old bunker, a radar station, and at the end of this path will land in front of a private house, along with private property on either side. However tucked away off to the left of the house is a narrow path that leads straight up towards the peak, that branches out into several areas as well. Depending on the paths you take here, you’ll end up walking along the bottom of the cliffs of Penyal or in some areas, can even climb up and over.

The climb to the top of the mountain is doable for most children used to walking or hiking, and albeit being slightly steep in certain areas, with enough time, water and snacks, it is more than reasonable. From Bella Vista to the peak with children takes roughly 1.5 hours up and roughly the same back down. The panoramic views are incredible, looking over Son Servera, Cala Millor, Sa Coma, and the natural park Punta de N’Amer. The descent should be done carefully, however at the bottom, the road changes and often is either paved or gravel, however, easy to walk.

Also, suitable for dogs.

We do recommend plenty of water, snacks, your usual hiking gear, and good hiking shoes. Check out our myKiids listing by clicking here.

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