From Hiking to Sunbathing: Capturing the Beauty of Cala Torta

Cala Torta is a beautiful and secluded beach on the northeastern shore of Mallorca. This hidden gem is recognized for its crystal-clear seas, fine white sand, and beautiful backdrop of the surrounding cliffs, making it a must-see for nature and beach lovers.

About Cala Torta

The beach sits in a small bay surrounded by pine forests and rugged rocks, creating a distinctive and wild ambiance. Cala Torta is a tiny and rarely crowded beach (in comparison to other beaches in Mallorca) that is ideal for relaxing and admiring Mallorca’s natural beauty. The crystal-clear seas are ideal for swimming and snorkeling, and the beach is also ideal for relaxing and watching sunsets. There is a lifeguard post during the summer months.

The beach of Cala Torta is an excellent choice for families with children who enjoy outdoor and beach activities. Because the beach is tiny and rarely crowded due to its location, it is a safe location for youngsters to play and swim. The crystal-clear waters are initially shallow, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling for older children. One does need to note that it does get wavy and windy in this part of the island, hence swimming for younger children may not be ideal here. The beach also provides good opportunities for sunbathing and sandcastle building. If you are into water sports then this Cala might be a good place to do some windsurfing as the north side of the island gets windy.

Cala Torta is also an excellent place for environment lovers, as the surrounding area is rich in vegetation and animals. A variety of birds and animals live in the pine forests, and some rare plant species live on the cliffs. There are numerous hiking paths here that lead in all directions, prominently designated hiking paths towards Cala Mitjana or in the opposite direction towards Cala Mesquida. Either way, hikers will find designated routes and places to hike within the area of Cala Torta. Especially during the off season, a beautiful place to do so.

How to get there

Cala Torta is difficult to reach due to its secluded location, but it is well worth the effort. The road that leads to Cala Torta begins right on the outskirts of Arta, a beautiful town to visit if you are in the area. The road itself from the Football Camp in Arta, all the way to the parking lot is roughly 8.5km (a more or less 15 min drive). The road winds through some scenic area including a beautiful view from the top where on the side of the road there is actually a small parking stop to take Instagram worthy photos.

As mentioned, the beach is accessible by car, however the last length of road is broken road with lots of bumps, stones, and broken areas (dirt track), therefore a 4×4 vehicle is recommended. There is a parking lot where the road splits to go either towards Cala Torta, on the right, or towards Cala Mitjana, straight ahead. If you head straight ahead, what is technically Cala Mitjana, then roughly 100 meters away is a public parking lot. From here, it is roughly 20 minutes to walk back and down the road leading to Cala Torta. Hence, visitors can also get to the beach on foot by following the road. Nonetheless, many tourists still take it upon themselves and drive down this road and park right at the foot of Cala Torta which has a small parking area at its doorstep. The choice is yours.

Keep in mind that the hike may be difficult for kids, so it’s crucial to evaluate your children’s age and physical condition before organizing a trip to Cala Torta.

Overall, Cala Torta is a very remarkable and one-of-a-kind place that allows guests to escape the crowds and enjoy the natural beauty of Mallorca. Its crystal-clear waters, white sand, and beautiful views make it an ideal place to rest and unwind, and its surrounding environment makes it ideal for nature enthusiasts. Cala Torta is well worth considering if you’re seeking for a remote and tranquil area to spend your Mallorca vacation.

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