Discovering Mallorca’s Roots: Visiting the Els Calderers Museum

Els Calderers Museum is a cultural and historical museum located near the center of Mallorca. It is housed in a historic estate, and in an architectural style peculiar to the island. The museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting Mallorca’s cultural history, with a focus on the island’s rural architecture, crafts, and way of life.

About the museum

The museum lies near the town of San Juan, which is in the central region of Mallorca. The Els Calderers Museum is housed in a restored manor that has been elegantly kept to display the region’s traditional architecture. The house is an excellent example of the island’s rural architectural legacy, and visitors can gain an understanding of what life was like for Mallorcans in the past.

Visitors to the Museum of Els Calderers can expect to view a variety of displays that highlight the island’s rich cultural heritage. Traditional crafts such as ceramics, weaving, and basket-making are on display, as are instruments and equipment used in daily life. Visitors can also view examples of traditional architecture, such as thick walls, limited windows, and flat roofs. The museum also offers a collection of everyday relics such as kitchen equipment, clothing, and home things.

The exhibits are browsed on a room by room basis as you walk at your own pace through the house, looking at items on display and seeing what life was like in this large estate. During the visit, you will immerse yourself in the history of Els Calderers and the atmosphere of Mallorca 250 years ago. The tour takes place through the different rooms of the house, both noble and peasant, that make up the estate, which are provided with their own authentic furniture from that time. The home includes a central courtyard, which was a popular feature of Els Calderers’ residences, and visitors may observe the rainwater collection well or cistern.

The museum for children

The Museum of Els Calderers is an interesting destination for families, and children may enjoy exploring the exhibits and learning about the island’s cultural legacy. There are numerous exhibits to keep kids entertained and involved as you walk through. Younger children may be bored fairly fast though, however, there is a small area with animals outside to which the tour leads to at the very end. Hence, aside from seeing ceramics, rooms, furniture and the such, they might be encouraged to know that animals are on site as well. So after visiting the music room, the dollhouse, the ladies’ room, the lords’ office, the family chapel, the kitchen, the dining room, the stables, and many more rooms including the agricultural and livestock rooms outside, children will see many indigenous animals of the island such as goats, pigs, horses. Cool?!

Upon completion of the tour, there is both a small cafe that offers drinks and a few local items for purchase, as well as a lovely seating area outside to snack and relax after the tour. We recommend bringing a few picnic related items to sit here and enjoy the tranquility of the area while you grab a sandwich or two to eat. You will find different gardens where you can walk, rest and relax, enjoying the tranquility that pervades the area.

The museum is open from 10:00 to 17:00 everyday. Tickets can be bought online on the official website or some tour operators. Alternatively, you can purchase the tickets on site, in the room that has a few tables to sit along with bathrooms for public use. The “reception” area is at the back. The price is decent considering the upkeep of the place, however, children under 12 (in our opinion) are a bit expensive for what it is.

There is a large parking lot next to the estate that offers free parking and is only a short walk from the house itself. You can reach Els Calderers from the town of Sant Joan or from the Palma-Manacor highway. In both cases, there are signs that point you to the secondary road you should take to get there.

In conclusion, those interested in the island’s cultural past can pay a visit to the Museum of Els Calderers in Mallorca. It is a great alternative destination for families, and as a parent you know your child best however, you may be able to keep them entertained with the exhibits and “hands-on” activities. The museum is located in the lovely town of Algaida, where visitors can gain an understanding of what life was like for Mallorcans in the past. The museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting the island’s cultural legacy, and it provides a unique and intriguing glimpse into Mallorca’s rural architecture, crafts, and way of life.

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