Dinosaur Land Mallorca

There are billboards plastered around Porto Cristo and Manacor that advertise the new park Dinosaur Land Mallorca which is located next to the Caves del Ham between the BP gas station and the first roundabout heading towards Porto Cristo on Carr. Manacor-Porto Cristo (Ma4020). Hence, children will already be excited having seen the large T-Rex image on the billboard.

You can already tell by driving into the long entrance area of the Caves del ham that a lot of effort in marketing and design has gone into the Dinosaur Land Mallorca park. Parking is readily available on the premises. The dinosaur land opened on July 1st, 2022 so it is a new attraction on the island after the dinosaur park in Algaida apparently closed. The nice thing about the parking area leading up to the back entrance of both the caves and the dinosaur park is that there are numerous picnic benches. You can bring your own food and drinks and relax under the trees and have a picnic. This is practical if you plan on doing both the caves and the dinosaur land. Children usually work up an appetite and after visiting one attraction or the other, you can go back to your car, grab your picnic items and sit at any bench before heading into the other attraction.

Alternatively, there is also a restaurant and snack bar on site rebranded as Dinoburger. The Dinoburger features various burger creations named after specific dinosaurs, along with your typical snack bar items such as french fries, hot dogs, pizzas, and salads. The prices are more than reasonable for a theme park attraction, where typically you’d find elevated prices. The Dinoburger is located outside in between the caves and the dinosaur land, hence, can also be accessed by guests or non-visitors of the park or caves.

Entering Dinosaur Land

The entrance area of Dinosaur Land reminds us of Jurassic Park to a certain extent, at least for those who know the movies. It is well done, along with the fencing, the signage, and the sounds. Heading towards the entrance with your ticket, employees will greet you at the entrance and explain a few basic rules that include no touching the dinosaurs, there is only a single entrance – hence if you exit the park, you may not reenter, and that you are free to roam as long as you like around the park.

From there you’ll have your photo taken, which if you’d like can be purchased once you exit Dinosaur Land, however, is not a must. Then you enter the unknown. Just kidding, then you are at the plaza that features a seating stage for the shows as well as signage that shows you where you can head. However, feel free to walk where you want.

The Dinosaur Land offers several paths in numerous directions that allow you to experience the fascinating world of dinosaurs in life-size. In total, there are 100 dinosaurs from 40 species. The beautiful thing that the owners implemented is that not only are the dinosaurs life-sized, but many of them, if not nearly every second or third, are animatronic, meaning they move and make sounds based on sensors placed strategically on the ground. So if you or your child walk by the sensor near a specific dinosaur, it will begin to move and make sounds.

At each dinosaur or group of dinosaurs, you’ll also find what looks like a rock with information about the dinosaur including a small description, information about its size, what it ate, and its location along with a scannable QR code that opens up the information on your phone.

The Discovery Zone

Towards the back corner of Dinosaur Land, is the archaeology group, with various activities for children. These include two sandboxes with various brushes to dig out dinosaur “bones” and discover how archaeologists do their work. Next to these, you’ll find a coloring area, where children can color their favorite dinosaurs, and those are then hung up for display. Within the same area, you’ll find tables with puzzles for both younger toddlers and older children. We challenge you to give the puzzles a try. All these areas are covered by a sun tarp, providing some shade, especially on hotter days. There are also a few benches within the area that allow you to sit while your children play.

Continuing from here, you’ll visually see the opposite corner, which is roughly 100 meters away and contains the raptors’ café.

The Café

Especially on hot days, such as the day we visited the park, the café is a nice place to take a short break within the Dinosaur Land Mallorca. There are two entrances, one, as previously mentioned, coming from the archaeologists’ discovery corner, or from the other side, as can be seen in the photo above.

The café has several tables and seating spots under the trees that provide a significant amount of shade. There are also toilets here in case you or your child need to take a potty break. The café itself serves coffee, drinks, small snacks, and ice cream, and as mentioned with the Dinoburger outside, at very reasonable prices for a “theme park.”

Additional Impressions

The park is fairly large. Plan for at least 2-3 hours to walk through and enjoy the dinosaurs, the play zone, a coffee, etc. There are also shows. The one we experienced during our time in the park was a dinosaur (raptor) being walked around the park. Aside from noticing the legs, the costume and the person within it did a fantastic job reenacting a raptor, including movements and sounds. We enjoyed walking through, discovering the life-sized dinosaurs, and taking the time to read and learn up on a few of them that interested our children.

Here are a few additional impressions of the park:

A few things to consider

While we truly enjoyed Dinosaur Land Mallorca, there are a few suggestions we would like to make from the perspective of a guest. Now, these may not be relevant to you visiting the park, which we highly suggest, especially if your child or children enjoy dinosaurs.

Things we enjoyed:

  • We truly felt that the dinosaurs were of great quality together with the animatronics that many featured.
  • The staff was friendly.
  • The prices at the café were very reasonable.
  • The fauna mixed in with the dinosaurs were well-placed.
  • The activity corner was quite interesting for children.
  • The sounds that sporadically came from speakers throughout the park were fun.
  • The bathrooms were clean.
  • The gift shop was well-placed with the right types of articles in comparison to other types of gift shops.
  • The “show” we saw was fun and interactive for kids.

Improvements that can be made:

  • Additional placements of benches including sun tarps for additional shade – Aside from the discovery corner, there was not much shade throughout the park. Especially on hot days, it would be great to create small seating zones with shade, benches, and perhaps even picnic tables.
  • Water. Another element that may be interesting to add which we have seen in other parks is some form of water element. As mentioned above it does get hot, so to be able to walk through a sprinkler shower, have access to a small water fountain to wet a cap, etc. may be a great solution to keep visitors cool and happy – aside from providing shade.
  • Listing the types of shows and show times – Even the staff seemed, albeit friendly, slightly confused about show times and what exactly the show would be. It would be nice to know what happens when in the park to plan how long one stays.
  • Tickets – While the entrance price is reasonable for both locals and tourists, and knowing that revenue needs to be made versus the investment for the park, it may be of interest for the park owners to create a yearly ticket for locals who can prove residency. While the park itself is great, many locals will probably only visit once, however if there were a yearly card, something many Zoos and other theme parks do, this may spur more recurring foot traffic.
  • Playground – another thing we suggest would be to add a playground or two within the park premises that allow for children to play and interact in a dinosaur type setting where parents could relax while children play. This would also create more time for people in the park and add to potentially purchasing something for the raptor café, etc.

These are the initial things that came to our mind, discovering the park.

In closing

Overall, a unique experience, especially for children. Definitely worth a visit. Upon strolling through the park, we had many ideas on what could be done aside from the suggestion to kick off above. The park, considering its success could expand to include not only the above suggestions, simple things like adding a playground or two, but also to theme out the park, for example, to do water dinosaurs with interactive elements in the future. Or to actually create dinosaur-related rides on the adjacent plots, considering this would be legally possible. These are a few things that go far into the future, however, we are happy to have visited the Dinosaur Land Mallorca, and are excited that it is here on the island. Again, especially if you have toddlers or school children, but also for teens, the park is an exciting experience and fun to see.

The opening hours are from 10:00h to 18:00h (the last entrance at 16:30h).


11€ children (from 3 to 12 years old).
17€ adults (+ 13 years old).

That being said – have you visited the Dinosaur Land Mallorca yet? If so, what has been your experience? What are your impressions? Leave a comment below!


  1. Ana Flumi

    July 15, 2022

    Sieht fantastisch aus. Wir werden in 3 Wochen auf Mallorca sein. Ich nehme an, es ist im August geöffnet?

  2. Hi @Ana
    Ja, der Park ist wie angegeben geöffnet. Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt gibt es (oder sollte) keine Sommerpause oder Schließung im August sein.
    myKiids Team

  3. Beate Kreutz

    July 15, 2022

    Wir sahen die Werbetafeln in der Nähe des Hotels, in dem wir übernachten, und waren uns nicht sicher, ob es das wert war. Nachdem ich jedoch diesen Beitrag gelesen (per Zufall) und den zugehörigen Eintrag gesehen hatte, dachten mein Mann und ich, warum nicht? Die Kinder hatten viel Spaß und es war ein toller Besuch. DANKESEHR!!!

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