An Adventure Through the Art of Glassblowing at Gordiola Museum

Gordiola is a one-of-a-kind and fascinating museum in near the town of Algaida, Mallorca that focuses on the art of glassblowing. Gordiola, housed in a castle-style setting, allows visitors to feel the wonder of this old skill while learning about its history and practices.

The History

Daniel Aldeguer Gordiola began collecting and visiting museums around the world many years before the official opening of the Glass Museum here on Mallorca.

He was a lawyer and doctor of law who was interested in archeology and history. Belonging to a family that cherished glass crafts and the art of blowing for numerous generations encouraged him enormously in this thrilling vocation, and that of collecting it. So, without realizing it, he was amassing a collection of more significant artifacts in order to construct a collection worthy of display.

The housing of the mueseum was where the original fabrications took place, and today gives visitors glassblowing demonstrations. These demos allow guests to witness the glassblowing process firsthand and gain an understanding of the talent and creativity that goes into each item.

The Museum

The museum is accessible through the gift shop which is also where tickets can be purchased. The cost is 8 Euros for adults and 4 Euros for children. While the price is a bit steep for what is technically offered here, it is still worth a visit for children to see what craftsmanship is all about.

The parking lot outside offers free parking. Upon entering the building you’ll find two gift shop areas on either side of the entrance. The museum and facility entrance is on the left hand side. After purchasing tickets, simply head through the doors and into the yard where on your right you’ll find the furnace and work areas of the glass blowers. Here your children and you can enjoy the various ways and methods in which Gordiola creates its pieces.

Heading up the stairs, you’ll find a remarkable collection of glass art on display.. The museum displays a diverse collection of glass items, including conventional glassware, sculptures, and ornamental pieces. Each work is one-of-a-kind and reflects the glassblower’s individual style and inventiveness. There are numerous instances of contemporary glass art, demonstrating the medium’s adaptability and continuous importance in the current world.

Aside from the glass blowing demonstrations and the museum, as well as the outside garden area, Gordiola provides a gift shop(s) where visitors can buy handmade glass items to take home with them. The gift shop has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a souvenir or a particular gift. You can select from a wide range of styles, such as traditional, modern, and contemporary, and discover a piece that complements your own taste and style.

You can also find a shop in Palma de Mallorca or in their online store.

Gordiola is an interesting place where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of glassblowing and learn about the craft’s rich history and tradition. Gordiola is a one time must-see location for everyone interested in the art of glassblowing, whether you’re a seasoned glass art collector or a curious tourist, and provides children the exciting opportunity for a magical experience in this old technique.

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